Why Attend a Career College?

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Of course, we here at Concorde believe strongly in the value of accelerated education and training at a career college. It's what we do. We've seen success stories of students completing our programs and gaining meaningful employment in the health care career they desired. Don't just take our word for it. The Imagine America Foundation recently published a list of benefits for many students. The Imagine America Foundation promotes trade schools and career colleges through scholarships. It works with employers to understand today's hiring needs.

Five compelling reasons to consider career college training

  1. Faster and more efficient timelines for completion. Because of the accelerated nature of career college programs, like Concorde's, students are able to complete coursework for a diploma or degree in a fraction of the time than four-year traditional degree tracks. For graduating high school students or a working adults who need to get into a career quickly, a career college might be the right choice.
  2. Growing fields from which to choose. Many career college programs, such as dental and medical assisting, focus on giving students skills that open doors in expanding industries. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities in health care fields are projected to increase 18 percent from 2016-2026, a rate more than double the national average. It's no wonder why many students throughout the U.S. see career college training as an efficient path toward a rewarding career.
  3. Relationships with employers. Many career colleges like Concorde have direct partnerships and relationships with local employers. Many Concorde students get hired directly out of their externships or clinical sites. It's a great way of opening opportunities to get a foot in the door of a new career after completing their program.
  4. Several start dates. A lot of career colleges like Concorde offer multiple start dates to choose from. This flexibility gives students an opportunity to move forward when the time is right for them. Proof that this strategy is successful lies in the fact that many traditional colleges and universities are now offering this benefit.
  5. Hands-on programs. The most important hiring requirement for employers is that new employees can do the job. Most career colleges have a hands-on approach to training. Nothing beats applying learning with your own two hands under the guidance of experienced professionals. This is where many career colleges, like Concorde, thrive.

Why not consider accelerated career college training

We know accelerated learning at a career college isn't for everybody. But, taking into account the reasons listed above, there can be little doubt that a career college can be a viable, even preferable, choice for many high school graduates looking to become qualified for a meaningful, rewarding career quickly and effectively. Maybe it's time some of your graduates consider a career college program. Maybe it's time they consider Concorde!
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“Concorde for me was life-changing.”

Becky of Kansas City, MO via ConsumerAffairs.com

“Without the support of certain instructors … I would not have pushed myself to grasp the concepts and pass my boards on the first attempt. Once I passed my boards, it was less than one month after that I landed my first Respiratory Therapist job where I am currently working with so much joy every day.”

Marcus Streator
Respiratory Therapy graduate