Barbie Joining LinkedIn Provides Opportunity to Talk Career Advice

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In case you hadn’t heard, Barbie is a brand new member of LinkedIn and is using this new platform to give career advice and networking tips and share stories of entrepreneurial success to those looking to expand or change their careers. Concorde Career Colleges prepares students for successful careers in healthcare and because Barbie has held many healthcare careers throughout her lifetime, we bet there are few lessons we can learn from her experience.   Don’t be afraid to go after what you want Sometimes a new career or a change in your career path can be daunting.  It takes a lot of work and time and dedication and sometimes that can be an overwhelming hurdle to overcome.  With over 150 job titles, Barbie knows all about overcoming hurdles, taking chances and learning new skills in order to further her career. At Concorde Career Colleges, we pride ourselves on flexible schedules, financial aid options and an extremely supportive Student Services group to help students with the challenges of starting something new.   You don’t have to stick with just one job Studies show that it is becoming more and more common for people to change jobs numerous times throughout their lifetime. Just look at Barbie’s job history! Because of this new norm, sometimes it is beneficial to find a career path. Concorde Career Colleges offers lots of programs that help with career advancement. Our Dental Assistants often later pursue a career in Dental Hygiene and our Nursing Bridge Option helps Vocational and Practical Nursestake their career to the next level as an RN.   Promote yourself If there is one thing Barbie knows, it’s how to promote herself.  Through 150 careers, she has figured out how to keep herself relevant and promote her personal brand. Get your resume in shape by making sure you have all your relevant education, jobs and personal experience listed. Create a LinkedIn page with a mission statement that is short and to the point. Don’t forget to use LinkedIn to make connections with area businesses and influential community leaders. Most importantly, make sure you present your best image on all social media platforms. Employers use social media to research possible candidates.  Don’t let an unprofessional social media profile keep you from getting your dream job.   Find a mentor On her LinkedIn page, Barbie’s best career tip is to find a mentor.  It’s always great to connect with people who have walked the same path.  They can provide valuable insight into how they dealt with certain struggles and help you figure out how to navigate your career.   Find your passion The most successful people have found careers they are passionate about.  Barbie’s LinkedIn page shares stories of entrepreneurs who have created their own businesses based on personal passions that they have translated into careers.  Find yours and see how it can change your future. - See more at: //

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“Concorde was one of my best vehicles that helped me gain the confidence I needed to change my life. … It all started with a vision, a will and Concorde.”

Lucy Vang
Medical Assistant Graduate

“Without the support of certain instructors … I would not have pushed myself to grasp the concepts and pass my boards on the first attempt. Once I passed my boards, it was less than one month after that I landed my first Respiratory Therapist job where I am currently working with so much joy every day.”

Marcus Streator
Respiratory Therapy graduate