Are You Resume Ready? 5 Common Resume Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

top 5 health care resume mistakes

Health care is one of the fastest growing and most competitive fields in 2016. While we think our outstanding placement rates speak for themselves, at Concorde Career Colleges, our commitment to you doesn't end the day you walk across the stage.

We want you to join the ranks of other graduates that make up our outstanding placement rates.

Whether you just graduated with your associates of nursing degree or looking to become a dental hygienist, to get past the gatekeeper, you need a resume that is as top-notch as your education.

Take a look at five common missteps recent graduates tend to make when crafting a new resume.


Since most communication for job openings is coordinated via email and telephone, having a professional email address and voicemail greeting is essential.

It's at the very top of your resume, and the first impression a hiring manager will have when they call to set up an appointment.

So, trade in for something a bit more professional. Both Gmail and Hotmail's domains are free. Similarly, consider re-recording your voicemail. Include your name while speaking clearly and slowly.


Objective statements are to resumes as VHS tapes are to the entertainment industry: Clunky, outdated, wastes of space.

Also, avoid resume templates like the plague. "Sure, it is easy and quick, but the downside is that your resume looks like a lot of other resumes that a company is receiving," said Dan Gurule, Senior Graduate Employment Specialist at our Kansas City, Mo. campus.

Instead, consider using that space for a summary of qualifications or a personal statement.


A resume is not a one-size-fits-all document. Whether it's a template-generated resume or one that you copied and pasted when you applied to 20 postings in a day, the person on the receiving end can tell.

"Tailor your resume to the job you are applying for each time you submit," recommends Gurule. "Look up the job description and make sure you use those same key skills listed in the job description is on your resume."


Using the wrong tense is one of the easiest missteps to overlook. It tends to happen the most when updating an old resume. The action verbs you use in your bullet points should reflect whether it's a job you currently hold or one in the past.


This can be challenging for entry-level associates or those with limited work experience, but in a job and on a resume, a recruiter is looking for candidates who have provided demonstrative value to an organization.

Instead of answered phones and scheduled appointments, did you serve on a committee that made a new process? Save the company money with an idea? Increase efficiencies in an area or receive higher patient feedback metrics than average? Note those!

Above all, stay positive. "One of the most common challenges is that students become discouraged if they don't get hired quickly. It sometimes takes several weeks for an application to make it to a hiring manager," said Gurule.

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