Attendance Matters in Accelerated Learning

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Keeping good attendance is important in any educational endeavor. It's the rare exception where one learns more by NOT attending a class or lab than attending. So when it comes to accelerated career training, like that offered at Concorde, you can imagine the importance of good attendance is magnified.

We sought the advice of one of our campus's academic deans to help explain a little more about what makes good attendance so important in accelerated career training.

Attendance critically important in accelerated career training

Attendance is critically important for students in accelerated career training programs for several reasons. Each day, hour and minute of classes include lecture, lab, and interaction with instructors. This prepares students for completion of their program and successful employment, said Denise Greco, Academic Dean at Concordes campus in San Bernardino, Calif.

"I tell my students at orientation that when they have a day when they just don't feel like coming to class, that is the exact day they should attend," Greco said. "Because of life issues such as flat tires, babysitting problem, and sickness, students need to come to school each day they can to accommodate unforeseeable absences."

Greco also encourages students to "buddy-up" and find others in their class. These are people they'll interact with the most during their education at Concorde.

"It is helpful to have someone to study with, discuss lectures with and forge new friendships with," she said. "This will carry over long after graduation."

Greco encourages students by telling them she holds three degrees.

"Each one has opened a door for me," she said. "I invite students to visit me in my office if they would like to hear the stories behind this ... and, they often do."

Attendance in accelerated career training can carry over

Good attendance habits formed during college carry over into the workplace, according to Luka Mbewe, Academic Dean at Concordes campus in Garden Grove, Calif. Graduates who form good attendance habits are normally productive, reliable, dependable and promotable, Mbewe said. Attendance records, in general, are methods most organizations use to evaluate their employees. Attendance can impact promotions and continued employment.

"Students learn effectively through active participation in the education process," Mbewe said. "It is imperative for students who are enrolled in an accelerated program to be fully involved in their educational process in order to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required in their field of study."

The student's ability to persist in an accelerated program is directly related to attendance, Mbewe said. Studies show that students who drop out of accelerated programs have higher rates of chronic absences or tardiness. Early departures from class also are common.

"It's important to note that good attendance is significant in an accelerated program because poor attendance leads to poor academic performance," Mbewe said. "Good attendance helps stimulate students' interests to acquire new competencies, helps students not to fall behind their coursework and ultimately graduate from the program of study."

"An accelerated program enables students to graduate or complete the program in a shorter time than the traditional program. Therefore, it requires regular attendance to ensure that no valuable learning is missed, particularly since the short duration of the program does not provide much opportunity to make up for missed classwork."

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