5 Studying Tips to Help You Succeed as a Student and a Parent

National Parents Day

On this National Parents Day, many students are reminded that hitting the books is only half their responsibility. When you're parenting children and attending school at the same time, it's tough to keep your eye on the prize.

Luckily, you can increase your chances of succeeding at both if you follow these handy tips.


Believe it or not, more and more students are raising dependent children. That's a hefty portion of the population, and a huge number of potential supporters in your journey to learn and parent at the same time. Find like-minded students who care about both their educations and their families. Study together, form a support group, or just grab a cup of coffee. You'll find there's strength in numbers.


Your finances can contribute to your stress or to your serenity, depending on how you approach them. If you must work, consider taking out loans in order to give yourself enough time to study, parent and sleep. Don't mortgage your future, but don't be afraid to cut yourself a little slack in the short term either. Later, with older kids and degree in hand, it may be easier to make it up.


Time for yourself, not time for your classes. Even if you don't do it often, taking time to relax and enjoy life with a movie, a pedicure or a good book can smooth the entire process.


Choosing a simple, quiet place to study is a good idea when you have kids. In this case, unless it's early in the morning or late at night, or the kids are at school, your family living room may not be the best place for you to spread out the books. A library, coffee shop, empty classroom or your bedroom behind a closed door might be better options.


Children are very sensitive to feeling ignored or neglected, but they're also surprisingly good at understanding the importance of "grownup" activities, even from a very young age. If you set aside time to spend with your kids without the distraction of electronics, books or study buddies, they will receive the nurturing they need to respect your time later. Plus, building a bond with your children is no doubt important to you as well, so don't skimp!

There are no two ways about it: Earning your degree with children, especially little ones, can be tough. But by making a sensible plan for how you'll approach studying and family time, you can get through it. And remember, whether or not National Parents Day is coming up, you always deserve to celebrate yourself.

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