Ancillary Services Programs

an•cill•ar•y – providing necessary support to the primary activities or operation of an organization, institution, industry or system.

By definition, Concorde Career College’s Ancillary Services programs provide support to the health care industry as a whole, but some of those programs, like Surgical Technologist, are on the front lines of medicine. Ancillary care services can be classified into three categories – diagnostic, therapeutic and custodial. Concorde’s Ancillary Services programs – Massage Therapy, Physical Therapist Assistant, Respiratory Therapy, Neurodiagnostic Technology, Polysomnographic Technology, Occupational Therapist Assistant, Surgical Technology and Radiologic Technology – cover all those categories and fill every bit as important of needs as any other health care field.

Wide range of varied career choices

Ancillary care is one of the fastest growing sectors of health care, representing nearly 30 percent of medical spending today. With today’s rising health care costs, ancillary providers are frequently a prudent and cost-saving alternative to outpatient hospital and physician services.

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Are you a practicing Respiratory Therapist with an Associate's degree, which is a pre-requisite for this program?