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Career Profiles

Your choice of a career is one of the most significant decisions that you will make in your lifetime. It is immensely more consequential than your selection of a school/college, house or car. It is one of the single most important factors in defining who you are. It will impact your children and your children’s children. At Concorde, we want to help you choose wisely, even if it means you will attend a different school.

Individuals that truly want to help others often focus on health care as a logical place to build a career. The first professions that come to mind are doctors or nurses. In particular, nursing is a popular choice because most people believe they understand nursing and the educational requirements seem reasonable. However, nursing is a highly diverse and demanding field that should be considered carefully before committing. There are many other health care professions that you should consider such as medical assisting, respiratory therapy, dental hygienist or surgical technologist. These careers are all very different from nursing and from each other. They have varying salary levels, work settings, professional standards, and cultures but most importantly the nature of personal fulfillment is different in each career

Consider this: once you get past money, the most important career characteristic is what it feels like, what provides fulfillment. It is terribly important that you choose the one that is right for you which means first you need to understand yourself. Your ability to deal with stress is a critical factor. Do you take more satisfaction in working alone or in teams? Do you respond well to emergencies or would you rather relate to patients on a long-term basis. Do you have a knack for technology or do you like creating order out of chaos?

Once you’ve thought about yourself it is important to really understand the specifics of each career. Registered nursing is highly technical, medical assistants are organizers and patient servicers. Respiratory therapists thrive in emergencies. Personal satisfaction takes a different form in each of these jobs. Which one is right for you?

Concorde prepares committed students for seventeen different careers, one of which might be right for you. Let us help you choose the career that fulfills your dreams. We would love to take the journey with you.

To better understand careers for which concorde prepares students click on any of the following. If you have additional questions contact a Concorde Career Specialist by clicking here. Good luck in your search.