Dallas DH Instructor Wins Teacher of the Year Award

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“Concorde was one of my best vehicles that helped me gain the confidence I needed to change my life. … It all started with a vision, a will and Concorde.”

Lucy Vang
Medical Assistant Graduate

“Concorde for me was life-changing.”

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Rita Hernandez wins the Career Colleges and Schools of Texas Association's 2018 Teacher of the Year Award! We're so proud of our Dental Hygiene instructor from our Dallas campus - who had this to say about the acknowledgment:

I'm very humbled at having received this award. Concorde has an amazing faculty and all of them are outstanding in their specialty. I'm proud to have them all as my colleagues as we journey together with students to make their dreams come true and change their lives and the lives of their families.

This award means so much to me because it personally validates me and gives me the strength and guidance to be a better teacher and mentor to students.

Dental Hygiene is an intense program and I tell students that "choices-chances-changes" is the way life works. Hard work will pay off.

I've had many wonderful opportunities throughout my 42 years as a Dental Hygienist and I look forward to many more to come. I've been in Dental Hygiene education since 1982 and I find it hard to believe that I've had the privilege to guide and share what I've learned with so many students. I'm so proud of all of my students and I love being a part of making their dreams come true. I love what I do and I do what I love.

Thank you, Concorde, for believing in me!

Sinceramente, Rita Hernandez

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