Concorde Welcomes You to 2020

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“I think it’s an amazing school. When I sat down for boards, I felt more than adequately prepared. If you put the work in, your success is almost guaranteed.”

Kontessa Brown
Dental Assisting Graduate

“I am eternally grateful to Dr. Lu-Ping Gamble at the Garden Grove campus. They not only lit a spark, they lit a torch in my heart that shall burn forever! My education changed my life and has had a huge positive impact on the person I am today.”

Jamie Troccoli
Vocational Nursing graduate
Concorde VP of Marketing Shea Stickler


A new year and decade is upon us. We all make resolutions, whether to get healthy, spend more time with family, change careers or go back to school. For more than 60 years, Concorde Career Colleges has helped tens of thousands of students fulfill their new year's resolutions and change their lives.

It's inspiring to think about the number of alumni we've aided who have as health care professionals cared for and helped their patients. Imagine how many Concorde grads are working in hospitals, acute care facilities, hospices, dental offices, private practices and as in-home care providers.

One life, changing many. The possibilities that brings to mind is astonishing. It is motivating.

Each student and eventual graduate, through hard work and perseverance will better their own life and those around them. We love hearing about our student's goals. Clearly they come to Concorde to find a career in health care, but we are delighted to learn that they find some much more, they have joined a community. They discover that their lives have changed for the better... they now have choices. Instead of two jobs they can focus on a career. They have a stable schedule and can choose to go out to dinner at a restaurant instead of a breakroom vending machine.

They can be home when their kids are sick, take a vacation, or time-off for the holidays instead of having to work overtime. When working a part-time job(s) these aren't options. To hear our faculty and staff talk about what motivates them, it is the opportunity to help a student change their life. They are passionate about their field and love introducing students. So much so that it's not surprising to see them staying after hours to tutor, shoveling a walkway in a storm, calling fifteen employers to find a clinical spot, and being the loudest cheer section at commencement.

What will the new year and decade bring; that is yet to be determined but it is with confidence that it will include more lives changed in the classroom, at home and across the health care field. The possibilities are without limit.

We invite you; our alumni, current and future students to share your stories with us and let us continue to be a part of your journey. The lives that you will change should begin with your own, let us help you ignite your career in 2020.

Enjoy this issue of Concorde Insight!

With sincere regards,

Shea M. Stickler

Vice President of Marketing

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